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T shirt contest


To celebrate the community keeps growing we have prepared a t-shirt contest in which you can win up to 15.000 PTC.
You only have to desing a t-shirt using the template we provide, upload it to twitter with the hashtag #CamisetaPesetacoin, send it to [email protected] and you're already into the contest.
You can send desings until the 20th october 2017 23:59 Madrid Time.
The best 3 desings will win a fantastic prize and the best desings received they will be uploaded to the website and will be available for any Pesetacoin follower to be used in a particular or commercial way.

1) Read the contest rules.
2) Make the best desings you can. You can present 3 desings. 
3) Upload them to to twitter with the hashtag #CamisetaPesetacoin , send them to [email protected] with the subject #CamisetaPesetacoin.
4)Ask your friends to like and RT. 
5) Do it before the 20th october of 2017!
Contest rules:
0) The contest topic is Pesetacoin. 
1) The desings have to be big enought to be used in real t-shirts. 
2) 3 desings per person. 
3) Starts the 6th october of 2017 and ends the 20th october of 2017 at 23:59 Madrid time. 
4) Time to vote which one is best thought like and RT ends the 27th october 2017 at 23:59 Madrid time. 
5) The team will choose the winner of the contest and the second and third positions will be choosen by the community throught RT and likes get in twitter. (The one provides by @PesetacoinOfic do not count since they're to provide more visibility). 
6) An RT is worth 2 points and like 1 point.
7) The hashtag that must be used is  #CamisetaPesetacoin  and you have to send the desings to [email protected] with the subject #CamisetaPesetacoin to be part of the contest. 
8) Prizes: 1st position -> 10.000PTC; 2nd position -> 3.500PTC y 3rd position -> 1.500PTC . 
9) The winners will be announced in this website. 
10) The prizes will be send the 29th october of 2017.

Any doubt or question you have, contact us at: 
[email protected] 
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